Mauro Schiappacasse

Real Estate Agent since 1994, and enrolled in the C.C.I.A.A. Role since that date, I have carried on the real estate tradition of my family, trying to follow the teaching of seriousness and correctness transmitted to me by my father Dario and the rest of my family Schiappacasse Canessa. Today, after running the Ligure Real Estate Agency for almost three decades, we are continuing the adventure with our third generation, applying the competence, passion and seriousness in our profession that as been always recognized by our customers and colleagues. We are originally from Santa Maria del Campo, a hamlet of Rapallese that gave birth to many notable citizens, we still retain that attachment to our roots and our culture that are represented by the olive branch of our logo, to symbolize the precious result that is achieved with hard work and dedication to it, as from the olive tree is extracted the precious oil.

Pría, why Pría?

In Genoese dialect Pría is the Stone, symbol of solidity and resistance, as a cornerstone where to found the foundations of a solid house, or material to create walls to protect your loved ones... to recall that concrete simplicity that represents and distinguishes us.

Schiappacasse family, real estate history since 1958

Since the first construction was built, Our Family has always lived to “narrow contact” with the evolution of the real estate market. It experienced a first period of expansion in Rapallo and Zoagli, where lots of condominiums and complex have been built, up to the end of the 70.

After that, the building activity moved up in the Aosta Valley, in the city of Courmayeur, La Thuile, Prè Saint Didier, Morgex and Aosta, where the implementation of property complexes and small villas continued until the early 2000s. During those years our business returned back to Rapallo, thanks to the expansion of the parking lots market: some boxes and parking spots have been built, and some historical properties were recovered. Nowadays, besides the activity of real estate development, we keep dealing with the brokerage of residential, tourist and commercial properties, we evaluate and acquire for real estate companies ready to invest, rustic, fractionable villas, building land and real estate transactions of various kinds.


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