Rif. 035DV-x-2 in vendita

Appartamento  Zoagli 165mq  € 1.100.000

Rif. 299CV in vendita

Appartamento  Chiavari 100mq  € 650.000

Rif. 218CV in vendita

Appartamento  Rapallo 227mq  € 990.000

Rif. 142DV-1 in vendita

Indipendente  Rapallo 220mq  Tratt.Riservata

Rif. 190DV in vendita

Indipendente  Rapallo 120mq  € 790.000

Rif. 287DV-Zoa in vendita

Indipendente  Rapallo 250mq  € 875.000

Rif. 032DV in vendita

Appartamento  Rapallo 200mq  € 1.590.000

  • Non Abitativo


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in Vendita
Rif. 035DV-x-2
5 Vani Zoagli € 1.100.000
in Vendita
Rif. 299CV
6 Vani Chiavari € 650.000
in Vendita
Rif. 218CV
5 Vani Rapallo € 990.000
in Vendita
Rif. 142DV-1
7 Vani Rapallo Tratt.Riservata
in Vendita
Rif. 190DV
4 Vani Rapallo € 790.000
in Vendita
Rif. 287DV-Zoa
6 Vani Rapallo € 875.000
in Vendita
Rif. 032DV
6 Vani Rapallo € 1.590.000

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We are very happy to give Mauro Schiappacasse our strongest recommendation. We bought an apartment here in Rapallo through him and he was very honest and extremely helpful in every way. Not being a native of Italy we were not used to the Italian system of buying property, but Mauro guided us in every way possible during the sales process. Our lawyer was extremely impressed with Mauro. She told us that contrary to many other real estate agents she had worked with, Mauro had all documents in perfect order. Even after the sale was completed, Mauro has been so kind to assist us with many matters regarding the apartment, including suggestions for craftsmen to help us getting the apartment refurbished.

Henrik D.

Serietà e professionalità al massimo livello. Consigliata.


Mauro and his staff were always very present and quick to resolve any issues, and to clarify any doubts, which we, as foreigners, had in the course of our purchase

Michelle F.

Professionismo allo stato puro! Si viene seguiti fino all'ultimo passaggio senza mai essere abbandonati. Se si cerca la casa dei sogni Pria Immobiliare è quello che serve!


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